Warum Glycerin wichtig für die Haut ist Nature's Very Best
feste Seife

Why glycerin is important for the skin

Probably the most important reason why vegetable glycerin is so popular is its moisturizing properties. It's simply put, a type of moisturizer that has the property of attracting water to itself.
Alltägliche Helden: Seife und Wasser Nature's Very Best
feste Seife

Everyday Heroes: Soap and Water

No matter what you touch, soap and water are the best way to get rid of potential germs on your hands before they can lead to infection. However, using sanitizers can irritate your skin.
Mikroplastik in der Kosmetik Nature's Very Best
Aloe Vera

Microplastics in cosmetics

Do you know how much microplastic is used in cosmetic products in Germany every year? In Germany alone there are over 900 tons of microplastics. What is microplastic? All solid plastic particl...


Purely plant-based

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