Mikroplastik in der Kosmetik

Microplastics in cosmetics

Do you know how much microplastic is used in cosmetic products in Germany every year? In Germany alone there are over 900 tons of microplastics.

What is microplastic? All solid plastic particles smaller than 5 millimeters are called microplastics.

What are microplastics used for in cosmetic products? Mainly as a filler, opacifier, film former and as an abrasive.

At Nature's Very Best, we do not use microplastics or other harmful ingredients in any of our products.

Are there other substances that are microplastics? Yes! There are substances that are not considered as microplastics. These are soluble substances such as acrylic acid copolymers (INCI: Styrenes / Acylates Copolymer). These ingredients are often not considered in the microplastics discussion. However, these plastics are just as difficult to biodegrade in cosmetics and pollute the body and the environment.

Are microplastics already present in the human body? Microplastics have been detected in human stool and tissue samples as well as in breast milk. What health consequences this has for humans has not yet been clearly clarified.

For example, how much microplastic is in the Mediterranean Sea? According to a 2018 report by WWF, the concentration of small plastic particles in the Mediterranean Sea is almost four times that of the world's largest garbage patch in the North Pacific. Up to 1.25 million fragments can be found in the Mediterranean Sea per square kilometer.

That is why we at Nature's Very Best only use pure raw materials that do not harm the body or the environment!


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