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The origin story of Nature's Very Best

Hello, I'm Stephanie,

about the path of medical training with operating room and laboratory experience, 10 years of management and shareholder of two castle hotels in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where I made my first experiences with sophisticated cosmetics and beauty products in the hotel's own beauty areas.

 Nature's Very Best

Nature's very best

Clean beauty journey

My clean beauty journey started 6 years ago after I realized that my "healthy" lifestyle was not the same as the care products I used to have. My skin was also becoming more and more restless, which was largely related to the toxins in beauty products (including so-called natural cosmetics products).

Long sleepless nights followed, during which I kept the in my head
different recipes and fell asleep with my laptop on my lap. My skin problems and certainly those of many other people were largely due to the fact that the water content was too high and vast quantities of preservatives were used. Water, used as the main bulking agent, is so common in beauty formulas because it is an inexpensive bulking agent. Have you taken a look at the ingredients in your skin and beauty products lately? Chances are good that
"Aqua," another word for water, is first on the label's list. Depending on the product, it is 60 to 98% water.

Nature's very best


 Nature's Very Best
 Nature's Very Best

Adding water to products can also be harmful to the environment. Adding water as a filler to cosmetic items reduces the overall effectiveness of the product. The less effective a product is, the more of it you consume. The more of it you use, the more packaging is required, along with more expensive shipping, which then leads to more water pollution. That's why we at Nature's Very Best rely on waterless cosmetics. Waterless cosmetics are typically more concentrated and stronger. Think of it this way: the higher the concentration, the less product you need and the longer it lasts. That's a win for your wallet.

So that bacteria and fungi that could form in the care product are properly killed off, huge amounts of alcohol are also used in natural cosmetics - to the chagrin of our skin. Even organic alcohol is still alcohol. This often has a washing-out effect and can also cause itching and redness. In order not to damage my skin further, I decided to develop my own natural cosmetics based on secondary plant juices and oils.

The first vegan and animal-free care products were created in my home kitchen and were given away in a private environment. A lot of positive feedback led to the decision to develop our own skin care series that builds up and regenerates the skin without exposing it to the risk of irritation. With the help of a laboratory specializing in natural cosmetics, I developed my vegan line in response to my own need for effective and pure products.

i love what i do!

Stephanie Rachel

Nature's very best

In the press

The natural cosmetics label Nature's Very Best does not create formulas for its handmade care products on a water basis, but on the basis of pure, unpreserved plant juices.


Purely plant-based

 Nature's Very Best

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