Die Wirkung von Moringaöl in der Hautpflege

The effect of moringa oil in skin care

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Do you know the benefits of moringa oil? This oil is cell protection and

Moisturizer in one.

Why is that? In addition to numerous saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, moringa oil also contains vitamins, some with very high antioxidant properties and minerals.

What can the valuable oil do for your skin? It fights free radicals and renders them harmless. In this way, the skin aging process can be slowed down and the formation of wrinkles reduced. It can also prevent inflammation and fight bacteria, which is why it is often used for small wounds, pimples or irritations.

Moringa oil is one of the most effective remedies in Ayurvedic medicine.

Where does the Moringa tree grow?

The Moringa tree is also known as the tree of life or miracle tree. It is said to be the plant with the most vital substances on our planet.

The tree, which is up to 30 meters high, originally comes from northern India. The Moringa tree prefers hot and dry climates and is now widespread. It can be found in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and the Canary Islands, among other places. On average, it grows 30 centimeters a month.

The leaves, roots and seeds are used. The seeds are also used in poorer countries as a water purifier.

Due to the numerous advantages mentioned above, we use the valuable oil in many of our natural cosmetics products.

You will find it highly concentrated in: face care, eye cream , cleansing gel, body butter and lip care

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