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The welfare of the animals is always our priority. We do not test on animals and ship to you climate-neutrally with DHL Green. For every product you buy from us, we donate a hot meal to street children in India.

We carefully combine pure ingredients in almost unique formulas. Cosmetics in the language of nature! Recognized dermatest prove the very good tolerability of our innovative facial care products.

All products are free from microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, sulfates, aluminium, alcohols and nanoparticles.

Certificate eye cream

Certificate face care cream

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We pack our natural cosmetics as sustainably as possible, in grass paper, glass and airless dispensers. Advantages of this type of packaging:

- Water and energy saving.

- Saving CO2.

- Free from chemical substances, mineral oils and harmful substances.

- Recyclable and compostable. Light in weight.

- Easily available, since hay harvest is possible several times a year. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

- Based on grass from compensation areas, no usable areas have to be created and managed.

- Particularly low in lignin: lignin is needed for lignification, but it is difficult to degrade biologically and chemically and must be removed at great expense. This process is extremely energy consuming and produces toxins.

- Therefore, the low percentage in the grass is a huge advantage.

- Hygienic removal: There is no contamination by germs, e.g. B. can get into the dispenser via the air or hands.

- No oxidation: the airless system means that no oxygen can get into the dispensers. It is therefore protected from external influences such as light and air - i.e. no oxidation.

- No synthetic preservatives: the airless system protects the ingredients from external influences, e.g. B. oxygen, germs, light. This means that the product has a long shelf life, even without synthetic preservatives. The dispenser is made of plastic and can be disposed of in the plastic waste with subsequent recycling without any problems.

- Light protection: Due to the double-walled, opaque packaging, no UV radiation reaches the sensitive, light-sensitive active ingredients.

- Exact dosing: The pump mechanism makes dosing easy and precise - even small amounts can be removed.

- The airless dispenser guarantees a high level of residual emptying. In addition, it contains no propellant gas and works completely under vacuum. This makes 360° use possible - in contrast to other pump dispensers.

- When choosing the glass, we decided on a special glass with a special mouth and a deep-drawn lid. This makes it easier to extract the content.

- Due to the low-lying lid, the round glass looks very noble. Glass and lid are easily recyclable.


Purely plant-based

 Nature's Very Best

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